Shelter From The Storm

A small safe haven in these chaotic times,
where we can meet and talk about the impact
trauma and moral injury is having on your life.

I have a wealth of experience to offer you,
a new way of looking at the challenges we are all facing,
and a surprising set of tools to help.
Working together has great power for change —
for surviving, for healing, and thriving.

Compassionate healing in partnership with you.

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"Initially when I met Karen we gelled instantly. Not a normal thing for me. Over the last 4 years whether it’s been a week or a year in between treatments we continue life’s journey without missing a step. A true testimony of her work is that I went from “traditional” counseling and 7 different psychological and sleeping prescriptions to acupuncture as a 100% replacement and have never been back. I would highly recommend this to any other combat veteran in need of a change.
"Karen will always be special to me." ~

"You gave me hope when I most needed it... You definitely have a gift.
"You are truly shelter from the storm that we sometimes call life." ~